JPA is headed by a management team focused on building compassionate practices and policies that support the social and emotional well-being of vulnerable children. For more information on our management team, please see our management biographical sketches.

Karen G. Foley, MBA
President and CEO
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Derrick Buckingham
Chief Development Officer

Stephen Budde PhD, LCSW

Executive Vice President

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Katie Gleason, MS, LCSW
Staff Therapist/Director, Connect 2 Kindergarten
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Katy Hinsdale
Director, Events & Media

Jenna Kraft, MA, LCSW
Staff Therapist/Director, New Light
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Michele Lansing, LCSW, MS Ed.
Staff Therapist/Director, Connect
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Rob Siegel, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Director

Erin Vanden Brook, LCSW
Staff Therapist/Director, 9th Gear
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Selma Walker
Senior Director, School Programs
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JPA Team

Audra Bowie, MS, LCPC
Staff Therapist
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Francesca Cole-Barnes, LPC
Staff Therapist
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Courtney Fischer, MSW
Staff Therapist
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Annie Grossman, MPH, LCSW
Permanency Planning Evaluation
Social Worker

Rochelle Jackson
Administrative Specialist
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Akadia Kacha-Ochana, MPH
Research & Quality Improvement Specialist
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Prarthana Khullar, MS, LCSW
Staff Therapist
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Marilyn Marshall
Administrative Assistant

Bevin Merbach, MS, LSW
Staff Therapist
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Carol Reid, Psy.D.

Richard Thompson, Ph.D.
Senior Research Consultant

Rameya Shanmugavelayutham, LSW
Mental Health Consultant

Norma Swanson Irie, LCSW, I/ECMHC
Coordinator for Parenting & Early Childhood Services
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